"The uncles have taken a fresh approach to classic songs from a mix of familiar bands spanning the sixties, seventies and eighties through to more recent hits. Building on three distinctive voices, the band has a strong vocal element that overlays their more than capable musicianship. Always treating the music with respect but never taking themselves too seriously, the band often encourages the audience to participate in the performance. With a quirky sense of humour and a natural flair to entertain, the group is more than one of the usual 'run of the mill cover bands'. Appealing to a wide age group, the Uncles deliver a distinctive solid rock edge that is bound to get a crowd up and jumping." (Going Places Magazine- East Vic Media)


Uncle Geoff grew to appreciate music at an early age, listening to his father play who was a much respected local jazz musician. It wasn't long before many weeks pocket money was invested into his first guitar and his bedroom resonating to the sounds of the Beatles and Peter Frampton - turned up way louder than your traditional Dixieland! From there he quickly became involved with a list of very successful local bands, traveling and playing most weekends. Teaming up with an early school mate in his late teens, a collaboration was formed that eventually developed into an original and very quirky band aptly named the 'Weekend Rockstars'. A repertoire of topical, humorous and thought provoking songs soon created an interest in the band that saw them tour with many headline acts in the early eighties. The band also released a charting single 'We can’t play smoke on the water' and EP 'Extended Foreplay'. After the demise of the original bands line up Geoff formed a number of other groups including a very popular event and show band 'The Jokers' that gained an extensive following. The 'Uncles now gives Geoff an opportunity to continue playing and performing and although screaming teenagers have been replaced with a somewhat older audience his love of making music is far from retired. In fact his collection of guitars is now bigger than it ever has been, (he just wishes he could remember where he left his plectrum!)

By normal conventions, Uncle Moz developed a love of playing and performing music relatively ‘late in life’ not taking up the drums till his late teens when along with a friend formed a ‘two piece’ guitar and drums based band dubiously named ‘Tempest’. David suggests (with tongue in cheek) that they explored the ‘cut down minimalist’ approach before Jack White and The White Stripes did but unfortunately did not have the same impact! Moving on, David discovered that there was something pretty exciting about playing to an audience that didn’t always throw things at you and soon was involved with a small but successful list of local cover bands leading up to the initial formation of a very original group ‘The Weekend Rockstars’. Being part of the vibrant and diverse music scene in the early eighties the band toured and performed with a list of notable headline acts that included ‘Skyhooks, Uncanny X-Men, ‘Mother Goose, ‘The Ted Mulray Gang, ‘Grand Wazoo along with many others culminating in performing at the ‘Coca-Cola, 3XY Rocktober Concert of the Decade' in 1984 to a crowd in excess of 35,000. The band also released the single ‘We can’t play smoke on the water’ that enjoyed national airplay. David was beckoned out of a near 10 year retirement by two of his musical mates and is now reviving his lost love of singing and playing in a band that has quickly built up a local following who can still remember ‘there ain't nothing like rock and roll’.

Born in Mallacoota Victoria, Darren started playing Bass Guitar when he was about 15 year’s old taking inspiration from well known local musician John Grunden (who incidentally has performed with many of the country’s best jazz players and others). The band ‘Malfunction’ soon followed involving John’s two sons Bryce and Mark, Darren and his brother Glen and Butch York. In 1985 Darren moved to Bairnsdale and joined firstly a band called ‘Split Shift’ and later ‘Empty Pockets’ that included many respected local musicians and also featured his sister Noelene Legge. From this combination a support band was formed to help Noelene in her dream of achieving some success in country music. A number of recordings followed and the band started touring and supporting headline acts such as lee Kernigan, Don Williams, Reg Poole and others. The group also appeared on the TV show ‘Its Country Today’ and performed at the Sydney Olympic Stadium. When this band ceased Darren continued to be involved locally and eventually formed a friendship with Victor Kater….. from there a new chapter begins with the ‘Uncles’ that will allow Darren to continue to demonstrate his tasteful bass playing and vocal ability. Uncle Darren describes himself as the 'shy retiring type'... He will have to get used to screaming 'nephews' and 'nieces'!


Uncle Gez is the newest member of the band and brings a fresh ‘flavour’ to the Uncles sound. Completing a Bachelor of Education at Melbourne University and a Diploma in Jazz at the Victorian College at the Arts, Gerry has a wealth of experience that has helped the band take on wider song list than previously possible although still maintaining their brand of rock and dance music. As a saxophonist in a number of groups he has supported many local and international artists and has toured nationally and overseas with the likes of Kylie Minogue in 1992 and The Four Tops and Temptations as part of the “Legends of Motown Tour”. Gerry is currently the Instrumental Music coordinator at the Bairnsdale Secondary College and has played an active role in organising many performance opportunities for music students including concerts with James Morrison and jazz legend Don Burrows. Although appreciated as a great sax player Uncle Gerry is now also enjoying the challenge of adding keyboards to the band and comments he is having a ball stepping into a role he has never had before. With a growing list of admiring ‘Nephews and Nieces’ he is quickly becoming a very popular uncle’.




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