The Uncles have had a number of line-up changes since the bands original inception, when Geoff Cross, David Mosele and Neil Howlett first formed the group. Below is a image gallery of current members, you can play an audio sample using (Flash) if 'plug-in' is installed or download an (.MP3). A song list is also available to view and print if needed - [ click the music note icon to open ]. You can even view a short video of the band (YouTube link will open in popup window).

The band would also like to make special mention of Victor Kater who sadly passed away in 2014. 'Uncle Vic' is missed by all who came to know him but never forgotten for his great love of playing music, and cheeky smile. A short summary of his involvement with the band and other musical achievements are listed below along with a link to some rare ' ABC Countdown' footage found on Youtube.

'Hint: Other photos of band and past events can be found in our 'Family Album' on the 'extras page. Check out before you leave!


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“You can’t judge a book by its cover” that surely applied to the Uncles band member ‘Uncle Vic. Having worked as a local hardware retailer for 17 years, you would never have known that Victor Kater was such a hidden talent just waiting to become an Uncle. Being a very versatile musician, the band gave him a chance to play a variety of instruments including guitar, keyboards and ‘harp, he also sang with a voice that could “blow chalk off a blackboard”. Vic’s love of music and performing was developed soon after moving to Australia from his home in England and he quickly became involved in the music scene in Adelaide and Melbourne during the 70’s and 80’s, appearing on ‘Countdown’ and ‘Hey Hey Its Saturday’ as guitarist with pop/punk/ska outfit ‘Strange Idols’ which developed a strong following and even some international success. After achieving what Vic described as ‘the dizzying heights’ of a hit song in Holland he joined renowned entertainment band ‘The Bobby James Syndicate’ where he further honed his skills.

Giving up city life to move to Bairnsdale, Vic had an extended break from playing in bands to concentrate on his business, being a husband to Jenny and great dad to his two boys Sam and Alex. After being coaxed out of a long 'musical retirement' he teamed up with Darren and Glenn McLeod and joined their band ‘The Elevators’ which rejuvenated his enthusiasm to perform again. When this band finished Darren and Vic were invited to join the Uncles and another chapter in Vic's life began. Like a good bottle of wine, Uncle Vic got better with age and quickly became endeared to a whole new family of 'nephews and nieces', he is sadly missed by all who knew him and will always remain a favourite 'Uncle'.

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